Sassy Mare Films

Sassy Mare Films is a collective comprised of filmmakers Casey Fitzgerald, Justin Moriarty, and many other talented individuals working together to tell stories. The driving force of Sassy Mare Films is a dedication to bring dark, intriguing, and unnerving stories to life, whether they be horror, comedy, drama, or anywhere in the middle of them.

We are Event Horizon


Based out of Portland, Event Horizon has, according to Canon Magazine, consistently produced music that "pushes the technical boundaries of what music could/should be." Vestibulum id ligula porta felis euismod semper. Photos by Ebru Yildiz. Portraits feature Ghastly City Sleep. Live shots feature The Psychic Paramount. Content for demo use only.


Vocals, Guitar / Lee Clayton
Keyboard, Sampling / Mikael Johnasson
Bass / Ethan Stone
Drums / Omer Asani